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Why CardplusCD is a Must-Have in Your Marketing and Recognition Collateral

Appreciation/Employee Retention

Today more than ever, morale is challenged. Families and employees are stressed and challenged in their daily lives. With finances strapped, jobs in danger of elimination, and concerns rise about the welfare of our trusted institutions, a kind word or moment to say thanks really makes a huge difference in the ability to face the daily trials and tribulations.

This is one recognition item that is professionally printed and packaged (with recycled materials) and contains gorgeous instrumental music proven to reduce stress while being a joy to relax to.


Advertising dollars spent in down times go further and this is one promotion that will not be thrown away. The CD is universally enjoyed and there are several panels of available space to print a message about your company, cause, or offering.

Cost Effectiveness

We challenge you to find another product that will hit this price point with this level of quality and sophistication. There is no comparison to the typical key chain, pen, cup, or notepad items. The CD is unique in that it will last far longer than any short term item that will be consumed and discarded. This CD will become a part of the recipients' permanent collections.

Message Symmetry

The product ties in with the message. So many promotional items do not do this. The stress reducting music is a perfect complement to any message relating to health, wellness, relaxation, focus, recharging, or creative pursuits. The music is shown to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, improve concentration, speed recovery, and relieve pain symptoms.

Something to celebrate: CardplusCD is a marketing division of and operates under the same leadership as JMPeters, Inc., which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding on Memorial Day 2009!
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