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Track Sequence:

1. As it Is- This duet features two of Tom's favorite sounds- breathy guitar and lead guitar played on a classical guitar. The lead is emotional and works its way from high to low and back again.

2. Everyone is Here- Fuller arrangement with piano and fret-less bass and some really nice snare drum brush strokes in the mix.

3. You Can Hum It- Classical guitar slow duet- cooperative sharing of the theme and melody. 

4. Breathy and Beautiful- Two of Tom's favorite organic synthesized sounds. A breathy deep octave down doubled sound along with a guitar flute that has the most wonderful vibrato.

5. Rolling Along- A little quicker tempo and chordal movement give a lift.

6. Second Movement Suite in E- The first movement in the Suite is on Tom Laskey's "Serenity" CD. This is solo classical guitar. 

7. Guitar, Piano, and Lead Guitar- Using the classical guitar right hand techniques on electric lead guitar brings out sustained melodies.

8. Guitar and Strings- Tom loves to write for strings and it shows. This is a light melodic piece. 

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