CardplusCD Builds Trust and Respect in Healthcare Setting

Using CardplusCD, the gift of music with the sentiment of a card, promotes desirable caregiver and physician characteristics such as empathy, respect for human dignity, compassion, and fostering relationships.

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Hospitals and Biomedical companies that have used CardplusCD in their Marketing campaigns:

Barnes Jewish
Ford Health
GB Biosciences
Good Samaritan Hospital
Lewis-Gale Medical Center
Pinnacle Health
Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center
Regional Medical Center in Hudson, FL
St. Elizabeth Medical Center
St. Joseph Womens
Wisconsin Womens Health

Our instrumental music has wide appeal, but also, at a soothing tempo of 60-80 beats per minute (the heart's resting rate), garners countless mind and body benefits. It can improve your caregivers', surgeons', and patients' quality of sleep, mood, and concentration. The music also relieves pain and anxiety, lowers blood pressure, and eases depression. In hospice, it helps ease the dying process. Among premature infants, classical music increases weight gain, decreases episodes of oxygen desaturation, and increases non-nutritive sucking, all of which may decrease length of the hospital stay.
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