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Meet Songwriter, Composer, and Singer Tom Laskey
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Tom Laskey dreamed of a career in music from the minute he began playing the guitar. He pursued his dream by studying at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Tom paid his dues as a professional musician by embarking on a 12-year stint performing live at restaurants, bars, and weddings in New York City. After starting a family with his wife Jean, he moved back to Cincinnati, Ohio, to begin a successful staffing service while he put his music career on hold. Tom's love for music never faded, and in 2000 he found a way to combine that love with his business world connections for the first time with the creation of CardplusCD. To this date, Tom has produced fourteen soothing CDs, seven of them having been released through CardplusCD. If you like soft, soothing, emotional music, then you are sure to love Tom Laskey.
Tom Laskey in 1977!
Tom Laskey in 2009
Tom composing on his front porch.
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