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Preparing Your Order

What to send to get your order started:

1. Signed quote. Check your quote carefully and verify that it is correct before sending it in. If the quote is incorrect, please call us to get an accurate quote before sending in your order.

2. Your graphics materials. To obtain the template for the card format you have chosen, please click here to be directed to our manufacturer's website. There, you will also find explicit instructions on acceptable file formats and how to use the templates. It is important to follow their instructions carefully because, while we will look over your order (and offer advice if desired), we are forwarding your designs to them for printing and assembly. If you supply your graphics files on a CD-R, be sure to enclose a physical printout of what the design will look like.

3. Your payment. We can’t start your project without payment. Depending on what you’re ordering we’ll require a 50% deposit or prepayment in full. (Your service representative will let you know.) If paying by check or money order, please include it with your order. If you’d rather pay by credit card instead, please fill in the proper fields on the quotation form we sent you. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The quotation form must also be signed by you or an authorized representative to be valid.

If any of these parts are missing, your order can be delayed.

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