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Track Sequence:

1. Low Tide- an up-tempo, lyrical lead over a full arrangement.

2. Hot Chocolate and Snow- an easy beat epitomizes Tom's hypnotic, relaxing style.

3. Aroma of Spring- a tribute to Chet Atkins who passed away recently.

4. Victory- solo guitar plus lush strings produce a brooding and beautiful tone.

5. Cascading Waves- a Bach Prelude in C with a viola part written by Tom resembles the soft breaking of waves on the beach.                  

6. Constellations- stark piano solo is a first for Tom, since his primary instrument is the guitar.

7. Tranquil Breezes- the breathy guitar hints at summer breezes.

8. Sandy Beach- stunning guitar tremolo melody over orchestra, designed to be the slow movement of a guitar concerto.                   

9. Walk in the Park- medium tempo, light percussion.

10. Sunset- pizzicato strings disappear into deep stretched -out phrases.