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"I would rate CardplusCD as more effective than other promotional giveaways since our name, logo and message appears on the CD label instead of just our logo. I would recommend CardplusCD to others absolutely due to the high quality of the product, combined with the excellent service of your staff. We used CardplusCD as an incentive for renewing memberships in our program and it was a perfect classy gift to give our members."

Patricia Bucek
Pinnacle Health WomanCare Resource Center


"We used CardplusCD as collateral material given to professional referral services. They were also given out at a booth display at a professional event. We mail them to customers as well. We have had positive comments from our referral sources who receive a lot of pens, mugs, etc - they like receiving something unique and different."

Tamara Weis
VP Business Development
Communicare (manage Assisted Living facilities)


"We used CardplusCD to drive volume to our physician referral call center in conjunction with our heart advertising campaign. To date we've had more than 1,700 requests, more than we have anticipated. I believe people view this as a valuable item, worthwhile of taking the time to request it. We would recommend this product to others in their marketing plans and we will use CardplusCD again ourselves."

Kathy Bretsch
Barnes Jewish Hospital
Senior Coordinator, Marketing


"CardplusCD was a popular giveaway among our reps - we had to order more! Using the card along with the gift with a Serenity CD allowed us to have a targeted message tied to our gift. This was a very effective and a very good premium."

                                                                                               Fortune 500 Company
Marketing Manager
Ordered over 55,000 to date


"We had many positive comments.  CBA sent out over 200 copies to donors who gave $100 or more.  In the future I’m going to design a card to hand out at seminars, etc.  CardplusCD ranks at the top, because it can be personalized – a company can pretty much make it what they want."

J. Donald Sams
Christian Benevolent Association


“We gave the items away during the month of February as romantic gifts then used a second item for a general gift for Anniversaries. They were well received. I would recommend CardplusCD to others because they communicate quality and caring at an affordable price.”  

Rick Litchfield
Captain Lord Manor Mansion Bed & Breakfast


“We used CardplusCD to help sell our gift certificates which in turn brings in new clients.  People really liked having a card and CD along with a gift certificate.  It was like two gifts and it helped our gift certificate sales.  We would definitely recommend CardplusCD to others.  The price is very reasonable especially for something like a CD which tends to last a long time."

Brandia Allen
The Cincinnati Yoga School




As you know, four weeks ago I suddenly learned I had a life threatening condition (an aneurysm of the celiac artery – very rare), fortunately they found this at an early stage and surgery was successful.

Since then I have been recovering quite nicely.  I honestly believe your card and beautiful CD (I have really enjoyed it!) played a positive role and you will never know how much your card (and CD) of support and encouragement meant to me. 



Dear Mr. Laskey,

I’ve just finished listening to your wonderful CD Simple Pleasures and have added it to our collection at the Chatfield College Library.  Music is always playing here and finding something that everyone can enjoy and that doesn’t disrupt the library atmosphere can be a challenge.  Thank you for your very thoughtful contribution.

Dolres Berish
Director of Academic Support


Great customer service. Thank you!
-EBay Buyer


ABSOLUTELY GREAT CD!!!! Couldn't have asked for better! A++++++++
-EBay Buyer

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