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Track Sequence:

1. Jog at Daybreak- Simple breathy melodic guitar.

2. Spanish Ballad- Anonymous- Widely known and played classical guitar favorite.

3. Clear Skies- Light breezy rhythmic soothing visit to exotic place.

4. Seaside Hymn- Guitar and melodic voice makes for relaxing cinematic mood experience.

5. Lost in Thought- Piano and strings section with a touch of angst.

6. Field of Daisies- Guitar and guitar synthesizer share the stage settling down down.

7. A Reflective Moment- Guitar and violin with long langorious violin lines.

8. Musings- Rich, yearning transcendant symphony

9. Swirling Sunset- Light classical guitar – solo guitar vintage Tom Laskey.

10. One with the Night- Multiple symphonic interacting counterpunctual lines.