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This is the second Guided Imagery collaboration between Tom Laskey and Julie Lusk M.Ed. Due to the incredible demand created by Wholesome Relaxation, Tom and Julie have created a second Guided Imagery CD titled Wholesome Energizers.

This CD combines the soothing and relaxing instrumental music of Tom Laskey with guided imagery by Julie Lusk M.Ed. The four tracks on this CD take you through the guided imagery process and leave you feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready for the rest of the day. Listen often to release stress, refresh your outlook, and feel calm and balanced.

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Track Sequence:

1. Introduction (2:34 min)- Tips from Julie about how to get the most out of listening to Wholesome Energizers. May skip after first play.

2. Squeeze Stress Away ( 13:20 min)- Guided relaxation exercise to stimulate your energy.

3. Woodland Walk (16:04 min)- Guided imagery is used to renew your vitality. This track features an enjoyable walk in the woods.

4. Your Garden (16:20 min)- Guided imagery and affirmations are used in a garden scene for cultivating qualities to reclaim health and inner strength.