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About the Company

CardplusCD was created to share Tom Laskey’s love of music and talented composing. After countless testimonials to his talents at creating relaxing and pleasing tunes, full length CDs inside customized cards were designed to combine a business message with a gift that would always receive rave reviews. This product struck a need with organizations looking for unique ways to recognize employees, clients, friends and others with a small gift that would delight and refresh.

25 Years in Business
Female-Owned Business
10 Years of Content Development (and no signs of slowing down)
400,000 CDs Sold

    CardplusCD was formed as a subsidiary of JMPeters Staffing (JMPeters), an Inc. 500 company in December of 1989.  JMPeters was founded by Jean Peters (president) and Tom Laskey (VP) in 1984 with the simple goal of helping people find employment.  This simple goal turned into a fast growing and ever changing business that has grown and prospered over its 25 years in business.  Wishing to expand into other areas of business Jean and Tom began looking for other ways they could touch the world in a different way.  In early 1999 they developed a product that combined Tom’s passion for writing and recording music with Jean’s passion for marketing and sales.  Nearly ten years later, CardplusCD has sold over 400,000 CardplusCDs, has thousands of happy customers (Testimonials), 9 instrumental and guided imagery CD titles (Music), and hundreds of card designs available (Cards). 

    6157 West Fork Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45247
    (513)772-0555 (local)

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