Our New Teacher Appreciation CardplusCD

We trust our most precious youth to the guidance, direction, inspiration, and motivation of teachers.  They are critical to help mold young minds and lay the foundation of learning – our future depends on their efforts.
Teachers deserve our recognition and appreciation for all the time and energy they invest in our children.  Teacher Appreciation Week is a great time as are major holidays, or after a special effort by a teacher or special program that required extra energy and attention.

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Teacher Appreciation
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CardplusCD is a company devoted to the art of saying “thanks!” in a unique style.   Our products are perfectly created and priced to convey an appreciation message and provide a wonderful gift of relaxing instrumental music.  The packaging options range from a greeting card style or “mailer” format.  You can choose to enclose your own handwritten note or gift card to a favorite restaurant or retailer in the pocket if you choose. 

We have found teachers love our relaxing CDs and even use them in the classroom for the students to de-stress and help with concentration with seat work, writing assignments, and other creative pursuits.  There are many health and wellness studies that validate the benefits of listening.

Each item sells for under $2.00 for quantities under 1000 and $1.50 for over 1000. We would like to send you more information on this amazing appreciation gift.  Please go to Sample Requests if you would like an email or other sample.

-- Teachers morale is very important to everyone the teacher comes into contact with- students, administrators, students family, teachers family, community

-- Our content is stress reducing music or guided relaxation.

-- Our web site has additional de-stress tips and medical study links

-- Content is appropriate for certain classroom activities (background music in creative writing times, pre-class calming, segue from recess to calm)

-- Content is conducive to calming teacher during a planning bell or doing class prep at home

-- Card print and graphics can be customized with whatever is being celebrated ("Congrats on 4th Straight Year of Excellent rating!")

-- If you get the version with a pocket than you can insert other items in the pocket (business cards, coupons, gift certificates, Starbucks cards,etc)

-- Also you can put additional items in the envelope (extra) with the card to further fine tune your campaign

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