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March 3, 2009

Thoughts on Stress and the Times

We are in unprecedented and historical times. The specific hardships faced at this time in history are unique and being felt across the land. Unemployment, savings loss, home loss, uncertainty and malaise are quite profound and more of an issue than I have seen in 55 years. However, I know that there have been other equally difficult and stressful times in our history. There have been business failures, wars, individual persecution of various groups, diseases and untimely deaths. These have occurred in every decade. Life is full of struggles! Here are some thoughts about ways to address the most stressful of life’s events.

Face Your Fears

Ask yourself: What is the worst case scenario? In these times, many fear financial security. Survivalists say that the healthiest course of action is to face the fears and acknowledge them. Think of the possibilities and allow yourself time to grieve if there is a good chance you may lose your job or income stream. There is a time to feel sadness about loss. Ultimately, self pity is not a place to stay but time to be sad is necessary.

Know the Stages of Grief

Research the normal stages of the grieving process and realize that there is a range of emotions that is normal. Denial/Shock, Pain, Anger, Depression, Upward turn, Reconstruction and Acceptance. These stages can skip around a bit. It is helpful to know what to expect and to have support (friends and/or professional help) if at all possible.


Try to have some structure to the day. This might mean employment or volunteer service. There should be some opportunity to distract yourself from the events at hand. It helps to provide service to others and get outside yourself for self esteem and balance.

Find your Peaceful Center

What makes you feel peaceful? For some it is time spent in nature. For others it is reading a book or listening to music. Some attend religious services and some do yoga or create art. Find what gives you that feeling of a calm center and do what works for you every day.


Make a list of your core beliefs. These are the statements you live by. What is important and why? Everything externally may be feeling out of control but there are some time tested precepts that you hold true. Write them down. In our family, the golden rule, 10 commandments and Constitution have fundamental truths that are our foundation. It is helpful to remind yourself about your core beliefs as it helps to center yourself in times of stress.

These are a few thoughts. One other thought is to share your life with others. Be open to possibilities and help. Give help to those who need it. We hope our relaxation products are helpful. Let us know your ideas and your tips. Most of all: experience the journey of life every day….ups and downs. Energetic/ Sad. High/low. Light/ dark . Just like the seasons of the year. Each one has a richness and beauty if you stay stress free!

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