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Give the Gift of Music...with the sentiment of a card
Thanks to the endless varieties of our manufacturer, you can choose the type of card that best suits your budget and marketing message. To aide your selection, we've highlighted our favorites below and in our online catalog. Still can't find what you're looking for? Visit, or contact one of our service reps for assistance and advice!
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plus custom printed CD
1,000+ units
other card formats
plus custom printed CD
1,000+ units
plus custom printed CD
1,000+ units
paper sleeve
plus custom black/white CD
100+ units
Customized option:
Our eco-wallet (with or without pocket) is popular because of the amount of print area, full customization, ability to feel like a card, and a great price point!
Customized option:
(digipak above)
We can broker any format available at See our pricing page for what to add to their manufacturing prices for our content and expertise.
Customized option:
For a lower price point, the jacket is printed on recycled board and provides 2 panels for your marketing message. Click on thumbnail for pricing.
Half Customized option:
We can run black/white printed CD custom labels on our in-house printers in a paper sleeve. You give up color and high end manufacturing, but get a customized product with great music at a great price.
In addition to the above, we offer:
Licensing of our content for TV, ads, web sites, videos, etc. We are very easy to work with and fast to make deals. Call us for a quote. Full catalog will be posted within the next year.
A very limited number of stock cardplusCD designs for teachers. These are available in quantities of 50 and up. See pricing page for details.
Besides the physical product, what intangibles are we selling?

-- The relaxation and health benefits of our music and content

-- General marketing advice. Because we have used CardplusCD extensively in our staffing service and because we have been involved as part of many multi-channel campaigns, we provide value as a sounding board to check if you are on the right track with your campaign.

-- Our proven ability to deliver projects on time and to the delight of our customers (see our testimonials page on the menu to the left)

-- If our art department is contracted (extra) to develop art from scratch for you, we have a narrow but deep expertise in "card" design. We won't take on contract art jobs unless we are sure we will be successful.

-- We have some designs that are generic and ready to go- you just add your logo and particulars.

How to decide?

Does our content benefit your customers (targets, employees, etc)?

If you want and need our unique and desirable content catalogue (relaxing high quality music by a real long term artist, or high quality guided relaxation, or environmental sounds) then we have a good chance of putting together a great project for you that will meet your marketing goals.

If you need rock or high energy music to meet your demographic than look around get some ideas and sign up to track us for additions to our music catalogue that may help you up the road. If you already have your own content then just go ahead and job out your own project (you don't need us to hold your hand).

Decide format/budget?

Once you have figured out that our content is beneficial to your target then think about the best format to use.

Try and get the best and most for your money before bailing to one of our lower price options (where you will get less printing area or less color).

Preparing Your Order............Contact